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Nathan R Mitchell MBA
America's Leading Empowerment Coach
 (918) 851-7246

Nathan has delivered over two hundred presentations to colleges, organizations, & industry associations!

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Meet America's Leading Empowerment Coach, Nathan R Mitchell...
In 2010, Nathan began a life-long journey to reaching his full potential in life. After discovering his purpose, which is to empower others to become better leaders, Nathan has been helping business owners, executives, organizations, and even college students, get better results and lead to their full potential faster!

At the end of the day, Nathan's presentations are a Game Changer! Through his empowering approach to speaking, combined with his commitment to substance, style, and great content, Nathan is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after speakers and trainers on leadership, empowerment, and workplace culture.

Nathan is the Founder of Clutch Consulting, a business and leadership development company, a Certified John Maxwell Trainer, the author of seven books, and a highly-sought-after speaker & trainerNathan has delivered over two hundred presentations to colleges, organizations, and industry associations!

Whether you are in need of a dynamic speaker or an expert trainer/facilitator for your upcoming corporate meeting or association event, Nathan will leave your audience empowered & inspired. GUARANTEED!
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 Nathan's Most Requested Programs...
For Corporate & Association Events: Available as Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, or even 1/2 Day Workshops

Leading With Purpose - Empowering Organizations & Leaders Through the Power of Purpose

By definition there is little difference between leading and managing; however, they are entirely two different things. A great leader is someone who brings out the best in others, who desires to make a positive difference in the workplace, and who is willing to put their own neck on the line when results are not optimal.

Traditional leadership methods of reward and punishment are no longer working. And being a great leader isn’t an easy task – it takes a lot of work, effort, commitment, loyalty, and experience. It also requires the willingness to make mistakes, and more importantly to learn from them. A leader’s strengths, opportunities, skills, and roles all contribute to their overall ability to be effective in leading others and driving purposeful, organizational change.

Nathan's program, "Leading with Purpose," will help you clarify why you lead others, and how you can contribute to a more fulfilling and satisfying workplace, not only for yourself, but also for the team members you are responsible for leading!

Leading With Communication - Empowering Your Workplace Through Increased Self-Awareness

All organizations should be striving toward a few common goals – 1) discovering and fulfilling their unique organizational purpose, 2) determining how to best serve the people who purchase their products and services, and 3) fostering a workplace culture with open communication and extraordinary relationships.

In order for today’s leaders to be most effective in managing and leading their teams, effective communication and the ability to connect and find common ground is essential for long-term organizational success. Your team members are the life-blood of your business, and because of that it’s essential for you and for them that you have workplace relationships that create an empowering culture that will stand the test of time.

In Nathan's program, "Leading with Communication," your audience will understand the importance of self-awareness in improving communication, as well as how they can learn to appreciate and value the differences in others, for more effective and engaging relationships in the workplace.

Leading With Service - Empowering Strategies for Turning Customers into Advocates

In today’s competitive business environment, having loyal customers isn’t enough. People simply have too many available choices, and finding the right product or service at the right price is easier than ever before. Today, businesses need advocates – customers who believe in the products or services a business provides, and who are anxious to tell others about it. In the business world cash is king, and the customers know it. If customers aren’t satisfied with your product or service, approximately 50% of them will leave, start doing business with your competition, and tell seven other people in the process. In this program, America’s Leading Empowerment Coach™, Nathan R Mitchell, will help you and your organization identify what’s really important to customers today, how you can retain them, and how you can turn them into loyal, business advocates.
For Educational Events

Self-Leadership: Getting What You Want by Doing What Others Won't...

Nathan's program “Self-Leadership: Getting What You Want by Doing What Others Won’t” is his most booked program on the college and university circuit. This program, which can be delivered as a keynote, or half-day workshop, gives students the “nuts and bolts” of effective goal setting and self-leadership, as well as the tools and resources they need to create a winning game plan for their college career and beyond. 
At the end of the day, superior performance starts with great self-leadership. Your students will walk away from this program with the inspiration & motivation they need to succeed for the long-term.
  What People Are Saying...

Karen McElroy of NALS - The Association for Legal Professionals:

“Nathan Mitchell’s presentations are invaluable. Nathan’s genuine demeanor and sincerity connects very well with any audience, and makes his messages powerful. When attending Leading With Purpose at the NALS Conference, it was apparent Nathan really cared about giving his audience useful knowledge and insight to become better leaders.”

Jim Whitt - Founder of Purpose Unlimited

"Nathan Mitchell’s purpose in life is to empower other people. If you want to empower your students, your team, or your organization, the next call you need to place is to America’s Leading Empowerment Coach™, Nathan R Mitchell!”

Sheila Stephens - Arvest Bank

"Nathan's detailed research and information make it very clear the effects of purposeful-leadership on engagement in the workplace. His training was empowering and insightful. It really opened my eyes!"

Lacey Cline - Human Resources Specialist

"Nathan is a breath of fresh air. His seminars provide real-world examples and practical solutions. His experience and passion about his subject matter really shines through."
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